a very productive day

guess what? I'm gonna write in english, you know why? because I'm too lazy to write in google so I can get the three stupid letters. just kidding, their not stupid. anyways, how's it going? I'm doing great. I wasn't at practice today, for the third time!!! kinda embarrasing. but, tuesday I skipped because I had to study, wednesday I had migrane and threw up. Today, me, Becca, Anna och Holly went to Dubuque for my best friends Anna's wake for her grandma who died last friday.. this was my first american wake was beautiful. There was a line with a ton of people all around the house waiting to see the grandmother. and while we were standing in the line there was a bunch of pictures everywhere and there was some stories about hopw she died because of the cancer. We gave Anna a card with our names signed and she appreciated it a lot that we came. soo sad to see her cry, and when Anna's family sad thank you for coming and all that stuff (it's the family I went to Arizona with) I just started crying, + it as kind of scary too se her laying there dead. but it all went fine and we supported our frieend, after that we went to Cherry Berry which is a frozen yoghurt bar. then we went to target and then the mall and took one of those photo booth pictures. I love my friends here so much, aaah I don't know how I'm gonna be without them for like the rest of my life?? now I'm gonna workout. I am soo fucking sick of every day saying that I'm not gonna eat any junk food anymore, do I do it? of course. but that's over! I'm done with it! no more freakinnnn junk food until I'm leaving the states! besides frozen yoghurt, that we don't have in la suecia! hasta la ista babiooos
HAHAH me, my bestiie Anna and my favorite Switzerland!


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