hit me summer

1. Your favorite place in the summer?
- My two home towns, or maybe Greece.

2. How would you want to spend a perfect summer day?
- First, sleep in til like, 10. Then hit the beach for a few hours, eat strawberries and a bunch of other friuts. And at night, hang out with all my friends.

3. What would you want to put on the bbq?
- Chicken, tomatoes, corn cobs etc.

4. What are your plans for this summer break?
- Go back to Sweden! Work, hang out with friends, go to Barcelona(?), go to the west coast.

5. Your favorite summer colors?
- White, navy and tan.

6. Name some typical swedish things to do in the summer:
Go camping with your family? Parties, Midsummer. I don't know.

7. Best summer memory from your childhood?
- From my childhood, all the camping trips with my grandparents, sister and my one year older uncle! and our trips to our summer house.

8. The sea, the lake or the pool?
- The sea! But I like all of them.

9. What do you pick in the ice cream store?
I'd rather have a smoothie or milkshake.
10. Where is your dream destination?
- Everywhere, I really want to back pack travel with one of my best friends next summer!


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